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Welcome to Highlander International Recycling – we are looking good on paper!

Highlander International Recycling is looking good on paper! Thank you for taking the time to find out about us - our company offers a wide range of products and services relating to recovered paper recycling, from local collections of paper grades such as office paper and cardboard, to purchasing recovered paper grades in bulk quantities for consumption by Highlander approved paper mills.


Services offered:

  • Buyers and suppliers of various Grades of recovered paper
  • News and pams – local solutions for bulk producers
  • Direct exporters with a wide range of mills and re-processors in the Far East, UK and Europe
  • Mill stock / second life paper trading (Incorporating Eco-paper sales)
  • Pro-active, complimentary supplier moisture testing services
  • Suppliers of recycling equipment and machinery
  • Reel splitting and recycling services
  • Product destruction services
  • Document / paper destruction services
  • Plastics recycling services
  • Comprehensive waste audit services

In order to provide best value to all customers, Highlander can confirm we are:

  • Fully registered Waste Brokers with the TFS department of the Republic of Ireland
  • Fully registered waste brokers with the Environment Agency in Northern Ireland
  • Fully registered waste brokers with SEPA (Scotland) and the EPA (England)
  • Full members of the Recycling Association / Independent Waste Paper Processors Association (IWPPA)
  • Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office – register of data controllers

We are confident that our dedicated and highly trained staff will bring you the paper recycling services that meet your exact needs. From innovative bar-coding systems for product destruction, to high volume shredding performed under secure conditions with remote accessible CCTV systems, Highlander have the solution to your recycling requirements!  

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Highlander International Recycling – “at the peak of paper recycling”
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Highlander International has been at the peak of paper recycling for over a decade. The company was formed as “Highlander Polymers Partnership” in 2002, initially to recycle plastics which had enjoyed a boom in volumes since the introduction of the Packaging regulations some time before. From a standing start and recycling modest volumes, we are now responsible for trading over 100,000 tons of recovered paper every year, buying from our main markets of Scotland and Ireland and supplying recovered paper of various different types and qualities to mills and processors both locally and internationally.


The company changed name to Highlander International Recycling in 2005 to reflect the evolution of the company from plastics only, to a wider range of recovered materials mostly generated from the growth in Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) within the UK and Irish markets. Since then the company has grown steadily and surely, slowly starting to concentrate specifically on recovered paper grades to reflect the expertise of the directors, who have extensive experience in the recovered paper sector.


In 2011, the company made the strategic decision to move from being a trading only operation, to “getting its hands dirty” in the processing side of the business. This represented a massive shift in thinking from the directors and since the plan was initiated, the company has taken massive strides forward. We now process over 300 tons per week of recovered paper through our depot, using a wide range of recycling machinery such as reel splitters, high volume shredders and 2 fully automatic, modern paper baling presses which between them can give the depot a processing capacity of circa 600 tons per week.


Today, we view ourselves as the leading independent recovered paper processor in Scotland and one of the largest recovered paper traders operating in the Irish market today. Highlander is a privately owned company with a vastly experienced management team committed to ensuring our customers get an unrivalled service at industry leading commercial terms. We are renowned for innovation, care and dedication, specifically to meet the needs of every organisation we are lucky enough to call a customer.


We would very much like you to be the next part of the Highlander story - please feel free to contact one of the “Highlander clan” at your convenience and let us revolutionise your recycling!


Alternatively, please feel free to visit our modern recycling centre in East Kilbride personally where one of our recycling assistants will give you the grand tour!

tel : 0044 1355 524 215

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